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LHSR Advanced Quantum Healing School

The Principles of Light Healing & Spirit Release

We had hoped to run several teaching workshops at suitable UK venues during 2017/18 but sadly the vast worldwide demand for individual healing rendered this idea unworkable.
However, in 2019, we now intend to start Sunday Tuition Workshops by Video Conferencing which will allow participants in other countries to join in too. We are also preparing Tutorials on certain areas of our work which could be accessed through the website and short summaries of these topics will also appear here. Subjects include:
The True Origin of Depression
The Biggest Single Cause of Panic Attack & IBS
How Human Deterioration Disease Comes About
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sexual & Ritual Abuse
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

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Today's Topic: Self-Punishing Syndrome
We have seen how Dark-force Entities (DFE's) can hitch-hike on a person's astral body, causing them to be cruel & abusive to others. After our life has finished, our Spirit passes-over to the Light & in due course, a High Spirit will conduct a Life Review of the incarnation just completed. If we have been evil to others, this will be shown in graphic detail which, for some, can be a rather unsettling experience!
Because DFE possession of the astral body occurs at a low-vibrating frequency, most High Spirits are unable to observe this activity which is 'below the radar' for them. We now feel that in some Life Reviews, the person in question may be criticised rather harshly for misbehaviour during their incarnation which was driven by dark-energy & perhaps wasn't entirely their fault.
In the Spirit World, there is a Reform Centre where newly-returned Spirits can go to learn how they might have conducted things better during their life. Having seen their Life Review, many Spirits volunteer to go there themselves in the hope that increased understanding will help matters to progress better during their next incarnation.
We have recently learned that some Spirits are SO shocked at their own evil behaviour, that they feel determined to be punished for the bad things they did to others. They make a contract for this to happen during their next lifetime & request that the Life Plan for this new incarnation should be written to reflect their decision.
During the next life (unknown to the new person concerned!) a Self-Punishment Contract will be in force. This causes the Karma Department to lock-out aspects of their Downward Integration synchronisation which should take place between the astral & material bodies after the kind of treatments that we undertake. That's to say, if we perform a QH procedure to improve a disease or dysfunction in such a person, we can see that their astral body ought to now be better, but the material body here on Earth, never seems to get any benefit!
We hope our new understanding of this Self-Punishing Syndrome may help us to deal with it in a different way.
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