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Energy Treatment

Once we have opened our channel to the Spirit World we have access to the capability of the Spirits who are responsible for looking after every living creature on Earth. The Energy Power that exists in this medium can be quite staggering and a Therapist trained in this area has a very different tool-set at his disposal.

The Essence and its Spirit World Scanner

There is a Spirit specifically and solely responsible for each of us that is known as the Essence whose job it is to accompany us through our life and take care of us. Sometimes the Essence finds this easy, sometimes difficult and Spirits of different experience levels can vary in capability. This means that our Therapists must have a thorough understanding of Spirit World healing procedures in case the Essence needs their help to undertake a treatment.
The Essence has access to a Spirit World device like a Laser Scanner and one of our first tasks is often to request it to carry out a full scan of the Person and report on their health status.

The Amazing Power of Gold Light

When the Essence and the Therapist have agreed about the condition requiring treatment they discuss how to go about correcting it. Sometimes a fairly simple action is all that is required. However it is common that there is a need for a more complicated procedure and this usually requires Energy.
The Essence only has a limited amount of spare energy available so this situation calls for a further supply from its Higher Spirit Supervisors. In fact, only the very Highest Spirit (next to the Creator) - known as the Spiritual Professor - can authorise the quantities of energy usually needed and sometimes the Essence has no experience with the procedure that requests this. Our Therapists understand the proper way to proceed and - in such a case - can make such an Energy Call themselves to this supreme authority who - in Europe - is Spiritual Professor Gabriel, in the Americas - is Spiritual Professor Charity and in Australasia - is Spiritual Professor Odemus.
If the Spiritual Professor approves this request, the Healing Energy is downloaded as Gold Light which is itself also an intelligent Spirit. We are able to discuss with it and the Essence exactly how best to treat the condition, often involving some amazing procedures completely unknown to medical science. Instead of a hip replacement, new cartilage can be laid-down in the joint itself; instead of coronary artery bypass surgery the plaque and fatty deposit can be stripped from the inside walls of the heart's blocked blood vessels, restoring normal circulation to the heart muscle.
These unique procedures can lead to health improvements that have been described as "utterly miraculous"...

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