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The late Dr William Baldwin from Florida, USA is the author of several books about Spirit Releasement that are considered by many to describe the state of the art in this sphere. He was assisted by his minister wife Rev Judith who used to maintain a website about their joint work but this now seems to have been taken down. Click the following link to open or save a PDF copy of the mini-book CE-VI - Close Encounters of the Possession Kind

Retired California, USA psychiatrist Dr Ralph Allison specialised in the treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder. In such patients a door to the Spirit World is often open spontaneously with and without hypnosis and Dr Allison found himself talking to a number of Spirits who were trying to explain to him about a different reality. He learned that we all have an Essence looking after us and was encouraged to compile a book in partnership with his own Essence - Michael. This gives a lot of valuable information and can be downloaded from www.dissociation.com/index/books/michaelmyessencetoc.asp

White-Powder Gold was known to the ancient Egyptians as "mfkzt" and the Israelites as "manna". Their priests knew the alchemical art of making it as an aid to healing and spiritual advancement but this valuable knowledge was then lost. Today it has been rediscovered as Ormus and more details can be found on - www.exotic-elixirs.co.uk

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