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Previous Lives Exploration

Some 70% of world religions believe in reincarnation and in the East such a subject is usually taken for granted. Only in the West, do people seem to run away from this concept... We have found that this is what does indeed seem to happen and each of us makes our way through a number of different lives, learning various lessons as we go. The same Spirit Essence accompanies us through all of these lives helping us with our journey.

Connected Memories

At the start of each new incarnation, the old life is closed to our memory and we are veiled so that previous activities will not interfere with the new learning experience. Only very young children (temporarily) and those with psychic ability can sometimes retain memory about what has gone before.
However if there was great unhappiness, a stressful incident or a particularly unpleasant death in a previous life, certain circumstances can sometimes echo negative memories forward (subconsciously) from the previous life to the present one, bringing about physical or psychological problems.
Sometimes our Therapists find that there is a link joining several previous lives together with the present one. In such a case, this kind of bad memory starts in the first of the linked lives and echoes right through them all to the present time, causing problems and preventing optimum success in each one.

Breaking The Link

Whether the difficulty is from the last life or from a succession of connected lives, our Therapists know how to break the link and leave such negative memories in their own time. However it is sometimes said that in the Spirit World where time does not have the same meaning, all of our previous lives are still existing simultaneously.
When we correct the situation causing negative memories to echo forward, we may often improve the previous life too. Sometimes the Essence (or with those who have psychic ability, the person themselves) can say that they feel an unpleasant memory which was echoing from the past has been replaced with a happy one instead. Perhaps our therapy has done even more good that we intended..!


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