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On-Line Donation

QuantumHealing.org.uk is a non-trading Research Organisation investigating the Alternative Therapies of Light Healing & Spirit Release in the Healthcare Field. Our Philosophy is to treat anybody - anywhere - with a priority dependent on the urgency of their need. Their ability to pay will never be a factor in the assessment of this.
In the beginning we received a little commercial sponsorship for our running costs but the incredible demand from all over the world for Dr WIZARD's Remote Therapy has seriously depleted our resources.
Many people tell us our treatment made such a difference to their lives that they wish to contribute financially in an appropriate way. Dr WIZARD has to work at this speciality virtually full-time in order to meet the requests for treatment from all over the globe, so we are very grateful for any donations - they do help us manage to continue our mission.
To make a much-appreciated contribution to help our Service, please click on the button below. We would also be grateful if you feel able to post a message on our Testimonials page, so New Visitors can learn the value of what we do..!

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