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Spirit Release

Contrary to our expectation when we began working with this healing technique, Spirit Release has become a very important part of our work and a source of great relief to many.

Material Body v Astral Body

We are all aware of our physical or Material body but few realise that we also have a duplicate body that exists in the Astral Plane. These two are connected and something affecting the Astral body can provoke a reaction in the Material plane. There are many Spirits travelling about in the Astral plane most of which are friendly to us, but there are occasional exceptions.
The most common situation we are called to deal with concerns the hitch-hiker. This is a Spirit which for a variety of reasons has passed near our Astral body and decided to attach to it and "hitch a ride". The effect of this varies considerably according to what kind of Spirit chose to attach and what were its reasons for doing so.

Time to Die and Lost Souls

When our bodies die, our Essence is no longer needed to accompany us so it leaves and returns to the Spirit World until our next incarnation. Our Personality (or Soul) leaves our body and also "passes over to the Light" as it is usually described, where any trauma from our life or manner of dying is erased in the Garden of Rest.
While we do have a kind of Life Plan in each incarnation, we exercise free-will and our Plan can be seen as a series of possibilities and probabilities. In this, there may be several possible times where our life can come to an end. Most of us die at an age and stage which might be expected but it sometimes happens that we die young, suddenly or unexpectedly through illness, accident or some other cause.
Sometimes a sudden and unexpected death can be a big shock to our Soul which gets so confused it doesn't realise it is no longer alive and fails to pass-over. Particularly when it is a baby or a young child, this Personality Spirit may float about in a distressed state until it happens to encounter someone else nearby to which it can attach and feel safe. We call this Lost Soul an Earthbound Spirit Attachment (EB) and it is much more common than one might suppose. Although EB hitch-hikers almost always mean no harm whatsoever to their host, their agitation at having suddenly died does not leave them and is often passed to the host's material body as panic attacks, IBS or some other strange illness making no medical sense.

The Concepts of Good and Evil

"Work for Good in the service of others" is the trademark of the Spirits and Angels who follow the Light and many of us on Earth feel likewise in the way we conduct our lives. However, sadly we only have to read a newspaper or watch news on TV to hear about some kind of Evil happening somewhere in the world. Religion and society have considered the concept of evil in various ways throughout the ages from "bogeymen" to "fire and brimstone preachers" to "vampires & demons"...
Some religions optimistically suppose that their adherents are immune from evil forces. Lately, there is a tendency to euphemise the concept of evil, suggesting it is only the negative thoughts of those on Earth and doesn't really exist. Many people are apprehensive about evil and would rather tidy it into a "safe place" where they hope it cannot trouble them. However we cannot ignore that others (many in prison) seem to be perverse and enjoy it hugely.
When we studied this subject we came across very good advice on the matter from the late psychologist Dr Bill Baldwin who cautioned that there were two "mistakes" both of which one should avoid making. Firstly, to believe that dark-forces do not exist. Secondly, to believe that dark-forces do exist and to take an unhealthy interest in them. We have found that dark forces do indeed exist as Baldwin suggests and that the professional position for us, is to be thoroughly informed about them, to know exactly how to deal with them when they present, but otherwise not to pay undue attention.

Dark Force Entities (DFE's)

From time to time we need to deal with a hitch-hiker whose intent is not friendly and often this proves to be a dark-force entity. The concept of Lucifer the "fallen angel" is an appropriate way to understand "the darkness" and all such dark-force entities who follow Lucifer are themselves fallen spirits of the Light. They are involved in all violent and evil deeds. They "drive" the perpetrator of all cases of physical or sexual abuse (the victim of which will automatically inherit a "legacy" DFE) but can also arrive by accident while someone is very young or under anaesthetic. Curses and satanic ritual invite such dark spirits to join with someone.

Intruders From Other Dimensions (ET's)

It seems that some alien entities from a different dimension or density can alter their vibrational rate and also visit our world with a view to hitching a ride. In some cases such ET intruders seem to be allied with the dark-forces whereas in others, they appear to be conducting a scientific experiment. The presence of this sort of ET visitor irritating one's astral body provokes the physical equivalent to develop a degenerative disease and we have observed their involvement in cancer, diabetes, autism, MS, motor neurone disease, lupus and many other poorly-understood or undiagnosable conditions. This sort of hiker can be there a long time before any symptoms develop so it is necessary to recognise that recovery - once the cause is removed - may not always be a quick process.

Archangel Michael and Release of Spirit Attachments

We call upon Archangel Michael to assist with all cases involving hitch-hikers. We can release EB attachments ourselves after finding out (if possible) who they are, how long they have been there and what effect this has had. However since they are often still very distressed about their sudden death we usually ask Archangel Michael to send a Rescue Spirit to lead them home to the Light. An Angel taking a "lost baby" by the hand is a very beautiful sight..!
With DFE attachments we ask Archangel cheap mac makeup Michael for the Warrior Spirits of the Light to protect everybody involved and for the Rescue Angels to deal with the dark entity in question. While we could just ask these Spirits to take the dark force away, we prefer to engage in a dialogue with this entity and ask if it enjoys the unpleasant work that it is ordered to carry out (which they rarely do..!). By a process of reasoning, we encourage this DFE to decide that it wishes to rejoin the Light, whom it once served. Once it has made a Declaration renouncing the darkness its colour changes to "white" and it is led away to retrain as a "force for good". This is a much more constructive solution than exorcism by the Church which may detach the entity (violently..!) but leaves it free to annoy somebody else...
For ET attachments we call to Archangel Michael for "specialist" Warrior Spirits of the Light to assist. Since these hikers are alien intruders, it is not appropriate to reconvert them to follow the Light (although this is done with any DFE's who may accompany them). The Warrior Angels carefully extract the invader and take it away.

A Final Comment about Dark Forces...

There are many horror stories in fiction and non-fiction alike, in books and on TV about the Devil and all his Works. As is often the case there is a bit of truth in most fiction and dark-forces have indeed been behind atrocities and genocidal empires throughout the ages. Many people are understandably nervous and shy away from this subject...
The Power of the Light usually prevails, but perhaps we should have a more responsible attitude towards this question as far more people are carrying a dark-entity than one might suppose. The "works of the dark" might be war, mass-murder and torture at the upper end but at the other, there is constant "dark involvement" in the everyday problems of argument & quarrel, negative thinking & demotivation, depression & suicide. We feel this matter ought to be seen as (a) actually quite common (b) treatment is efficient and entirely safe and (c) the results of release are often utterly life-changing..!


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