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Amazing Improvement In Arthritis

The arthritis in my hip was so painful that I used to take half-an-hour to get slowly out of bed in the morning and going out of my house was a major ordeal. Dr WIZARD treated me directly and said he had asked the Spirits to lay down new cartilage in my hip joint. The next day I was able to get out of bed instantly with no pain and walk down to the shops without any difficulty. This is an amazing result for me...!

Elizabeth, West Lothian - Sep 10

Music Teacher Can Now Conduct Choirs

I am a music teacher and had terrible pain in my neck and shoulders that prevented me from conducting choirs. Doctors could find no reason for this and massage only helped a little. Alan/Dr WIZARD treated me directly and told me that in my previous life I was a farm worker carrying heavy sacks on his shoulders which gave him constant pain. A link from this previous life was apparently causing my symptoms. He explained that he had broken the link from my previous life and sure enough my pain has now completely gone..!

Alexandra, Edinburgh - Nov 10

Lawyer's Husband No Longer In Trouble

For years my husband has been a heavy drinker and frequently his character would change suddenly like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He would fight with me, his family, his friends - anybody - and would even get his shotgun and go out looking for trouble. I am a lawyer and was constantly having to keep him out of jail. Alan/Dr WIZARD treated my husband by remote therapy and told me he had performed a "spirit release" on a demon inside him. My husband still drinks but now he is just happy and funny and all this terrible torture in my cheap mac makeup life has ceased..!

Ida, Russia - Jan 11

60 Years Of Pain Just Disappeared

I cannot remember when I did not have discomfort in my abdomen - either pain, swelling, misery or just a deep awareness of something about to erupt. This was a part of my life for well over sixty years. Dr WIZARD treated me by "long distance" with email for our communication. The explanation he gave me involved "spirit release" but the details of it are very personal and I would prefer to keep this to myself. However, I am now totally FREE of that misery. I wake up with a flat belly, eat with pleasure and cannot say enough about how grateful I am for this help..!

Isal, USA - Feb 11

Release Of Hitch-Hiker Brings Refreshing Clarity

Although I have worked in a variety of alternate therapies, there always remained this feeling that something wasn't quite right. My mind felt besieged by clamouring thoughts of frustration and judgements, which I don't even subscribe to. Anyhow, Alan/Dr WIZARD managed to spot a "hitch-hiking spirit invader" in my etheric field which he has since removed by remote treatment. Eh Voila! I feel so refreshingly clear and and optimistic spontaneously. A state of being I could only achieve previously with a lot of effort and mental somersaults on a daily basis. Too early to say how much this has changed my life, but already I feel much clearer-headed. Love, Light and Joy to all here with gratitude..!

Gnomes, Australia - Mar 11

Friend On Deathbed With Liver Failure Goes Back To Work

This is a testimonial regarding my male friend in his fifties with liver disease who was on his deathbed from severe hemorrhaging. A call to 911 had him whisked to hospital where he was in Critical Intensive Care. I appealed for help to Dr WIZARD who agreed to do remote treatment right away and told me he used Blue Light Healing Energy. My friend moved to Critical Care next day and then to a private room the third day. He was discharged home on the sixth day with prescription meds but was told his liver was like cardboard and warned that he could expect to die any time. My friend rested home one week and felt fine to go back to work the following week. He got a checkup a month later and Doctors were amazed at the change - his liver was "quite normal" with only a few minor problems for which he was given a few more meds! Thank you Dr WIZARD..!

Maribel, USA - Mar 11

Knee Replacement Now Totally Unnecessary

After two knee surgeries the orthopedic surgeon told me I was looking at a total knee replacement. Pain was my constant companion and it had taken on a life of its own. I was conflicted. Should I accept the surgery? Maybe the pain will go away? Fate directed me to Alan/Dr WIZARD & Quantum Healing and I requested a remote healing session for my worn-out knee - I was told this would involve complete replacement of the meniscus cartilage using Spirit Energy. Did it work? Absolutely! I had to fight through the brainwashing of Western medicine to keep an open mind on alternative healing methods, but there was NO DENYING that the pain from cartilage damage was GONE! Now I can begin rebuilding the atrophied muscles, tendons, and ligaments AND my life. Thank you, Alan! Your tireless efforts and commitment towards the healing of others is sincerely appreciated.

Kathleen, USA - May 11

Drowning Victim Caused Severe Anxiety

I have suffered from quite severe anxiety for most of my life and have tried tons of things to help it - some things helped for a while, but the relief always proves to be short-lived. Dr WIZARD treated me by "remote healing" for this anxiety and also for pre-diabetes. He reported that I was carrying the Earthbound Spirit of a lady who had died in a drowning accident, was too exhausted to pass over and had attached to me to shelter. The agitation of this person who had fought so hard to survive was transferred to me and was causing my condition. He released this Spirit and another different one affecting my pancreas. I have purposefully waited a couple of months since my treatment to write this testimonial because I wanted to see if the effects of it would be stable and long-lasting. I am so happy to say that after the Spirit Release there has been a dramatic and obvious reduction in my anxiety. I no longer have to take anti-anxiety drugs before going to work and I have almost forgotten what it's like to be anxious all the time!! I would highly recommend Dr WIZARD to anyone else suffering from a similar condition as he has helped me so much. I am now looking forward to getting my blood-work done in a month to see if my blood-sugar and other markers that suggested pre-diabetes have also improved!

Anthony, USA - June 11

The Problems Of Two Families Put To Rights

Dear Dr WIZARD - I am humbled by your abilities. I was close to throwing in the towel and leaving my wife Lynn and son Michael. My wife suffered sexual and mental abuse when a young child and had been so aggressive and nasty that I was unable to cope any longer. Since you removed a dark-force entity and some kind of unpleasant alter that joined her in childhood, Lynn has been an absolute joy to be around. Before your work, we were all miserable.
Confirmation of this being a result of your treatment came when my friend and colleague Dr Andrew had you take a look at his first ex-wife, Stella and clear her of "hitch-hiking entities". She is now restored to the lovely person he married all these years ago and I would not be surprised to see them get back together after 20 years of divorce.
Please accept my donation and know that when I get more available funds I will send them your way. I work for donations too and know how sparse they can be. I will continue the donations until I reach at least 1000 pounds for each of the people that I have asked you to help. May Peace, Love and Light rain down, envelope and protect you!

Mike Philips, Arizona, USA - Feb 12

Diabetes Has Vanished

I was given a diagnosis of Diabetes, type 2 in the fall of 2011. I contacted Dr WIZARD within six weeks of my diagnosis and he repaired my pancreas within 24 hours of my contacting him. He explained that he had removed the energies that had caused the condition. Some months later Diabetes, type 2 seemed to be returning, and I again contacted Dr WIZARD. He reacted immediately as before, and explained the reason why there had been a recurrence. He said he had dealt with this reason and did not think it could now happen again. I am now free and clear of Diabetes, type 2. I can eat anything I want, whenever I want. I am not on any medication, and I have no food restrictions whatsoever. I have met many healers in my life but none of them can match Dr WIZARD for his healing abilities and his selfless dedication to humanity. Thank you so much!

Andrea, Canada - May 12

Life Has Totally Changed

I have been plagued by depression and anxiety at times debilitating, since my mother passed away in 2002. Not only did Alan/Dr WIZARD find the source of my problems but totally eliminated them all. I am doing fabulously for the first time in years!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Caroline, USA - October 12


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